CUPSD problems.

yo _ exhausted01 at
Fri Jun 20 19:05:44 PDT 2003

	I don't know if many other people have had this problem, but for some 
reason my cupsd refuses to add a printer. When i do it through lpadmin, it 
says "failed: server-error-internal-error". When i try to add a printer 
throught he web interface after i input the location and name it responds 
with a 413 http error and it says "Request Entity Too Large: The request is 
too large for this server to process." The funny thing is that my printers 
do get added when i look at htem through the web interface, but if i try to 
change their options or anything i get the same ol': 
"server-error-internal-error". I don't know why this is, i installed cups 
automatically as a package dependency for KDE, and KDE works fine as well as 
everything else. Thanks!

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