5.0 won't detect Buslogic BT-958 SCSI adapter

Quint Van Deman Quint.VanDeman at S1.com
Fri Jun 20 12:26:32 PDT 2003

I've been a linux fan for several years now and I'm trying to get my feet
wet with FreeBSD.  Unfortunately, I've met with limited success thus far.
I'm trying to install 5.0 on an IBM x440 and can't seem to get the installer
to detect the SCSI adapter, as it routinely tells me "no disk found!" at
about the third step into the installation.  What's strange however is that
I see the bt0 during the boot sequence followed by a large initialization

Based on my research I've tried such things as setting:
none of which seemed to have any effect.

Installing RH8 on the system worked perfectly, meaning pure HW issues
probably aren't at play here.

Any advice or further possible directions?



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