local patch to a /usr/ports file? how to do it?

Rob listone at deathbeforedecaf.net
Fri Jun 20 07:57:57 PDT 2003

Have a look at

The short answer is that any file with the name
/usr/ports/misc/amanda-client/files/patch-* should be applied
automatically. On the other hand, this particular port looks a little
different - you may have to put the files under
/usr/ports/misc/amanda-server instead.

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Subject: local patch to a /usr/ports file? how to do it?

> I have a patch to /usr/ports/misc/amanda-clients.  Its a one line
> to sendbackup-dump.c to add the L switch to snapshot for 5.x when
> a dump.  Where do I put the patch so when I do make in
> /usr/ports/misc/amanda-clients it gets applied?  I checked the
> and porters guide... I dont see how to have a local change.
> The patch im using isnt that great to submit... it just forces L on
>  It doesnt let amanda control when to use L or not.  Im just using
> till something more real comes along.
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