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Daniel Bye dan at
Fri Jun 20 02:34:17 PDT 2003

On Fri, Jun 20, 2003 at 12:45:27PM +0200, Andre wrote:
> Hi there people!
> I have setup a FreeBSD box with Mysql,apache+mod_php
> for practical purposes, when i want to update the webpages 
> on the FreeBSD machine i found it very hard to first use FTP
> to transfer the pages from my windows machine, and then SSH in to the FreeBSD machine and move the files to the documentroot.
> how do i do a symlink that points to the default ftpddir 
> ( /usr/home/name ) ? 
> I know i can change the documentroot dir to be in my homedir in httpd.conf, but i dont want to do that. 
> and yes... i have read the man pages, but i guess iam stupid :-)

Heh!  Just been thinking too hard about it, I suspect.

> anyone out there who wants to help me?

How about creating a new ftp user whose home directory is the document root
for your site?  Or better yet, get hold of a copy of WinSCP2, or the PuTTY
SCP utility (can't recall its name, but it's on the PuTTY site)?  Then you
can sack ftp altogether.

WinSCP is pretty cool - it's a standalone program and gives you a Norton
Commander-like or Explorer-like GUI.  I got my Marketing and Sales director
using it, no problems!  ;-)


Daniel Bye

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