fsck'ing UFS partitons under linux?

derrich derrich at freebsdhackers.net
Thu Jun 19 22:48:57 PDT 2003

I'm trying to fsck a UFS (created under FreeBSD 4.8) partition from within
a Linux system, and I'm having a whole lot of trouble. I know UFS support
is enabled in the kernel, because I'm able to mount the drive read-only. I
believe I've been unable to mount it read-write because the drive needs to
be fsck'ed, but I can't figure out how to do this under linux.

I've tried running 'fsck -t ufs /dev/hda2', but I get an error about
/sbin/fsck.ufs not existing ... and googling 'fsck.ufs' turns up very
little, and what little it turns up isn't all in English, which doesn't
really help me.

If anyone has any suggestions, it'd be appreciated.


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