force bsdlabel?

Malcolm Kay malcolm.kay at
Thu Jun 19 20:36:55 PDT 2003

On Fri, 20 Jun 2003 09:58, Ju Hyuk Park wrote:
> I had this stupid problem, unused partition had offset at 63,
> mounted as "ad1s1" but worked fine; however fsck or vinum
> changed it to offset 0, and everything blowed up.
> How do i force bsdlabel to make "partition c" to offset 63?

Within disklabel partition c is the entire slice if MS slicing(partitioning)
is used or entire disk otherwise, and must therefore start at offset 0. It is 
hard to believe it was ever 63.

However the slice (that is ad1s1) itself as reported by fdisk will
commonly start at an offset of 63 from the beginning of the entire disk.

Does ad1s1 hold your base system? If so how do you determine the
offset is changed to 0? Fixit?

If it is a bsd filesystem (ufs) then it is most unlikely to have ever been 
mounted as ad1s1 (a slice) but as a number of bsd partitions: 
ad1s1a, ad1s1e etc.

If you can get into your system or through fixit please run:

# fdisk ad1
# disklabel ad1s1

and post the results here.

Malcolm Kay

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