Please Answer This For Me

Frank cyberfool at
Thu Jun 19 18:58:58 PDT 2003

Dear Sir/Madam;

I am having trouble installing the FreeBSD software 5.1-RELEASE-i386-disc1.
Here are the particulars of what I am using and what I have done.

- Downloaded  5.1-RELEASE-i386-disc1 from FreeBSD using FTP Explorer and
ensuring that binary is selected.  I am using a separate computer to do

- Burned CD using Roxio Creator Classic version  Settings were
other (tab), create bootable, no emulation, and use images or image

- Partitioned drive with Windows 98 second edition resident on it to create
a 'D' drive on a Pentium 200 MHZ machine with a 4X CD Rom.

- Changed AMI CMOS setting to load from CD first.

The CD appears to be reading the created disk for about 15 seconds but then
appears to hang and then the Windows 98 OS loads.

What could I possibly be doing wrong? Or what do I need to change to get
this install to work?

Please Advise!  If you require more information I will be more than happy to
provide you with it.

Frank Veri  cyberfool at

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