how much space for /

Andrew Boothman andrew at
Thu Jun 19 17:35:10 PDT 2003

On Thursday 19 June 2003 10:59 pm, sweetleaf wrote:
> well here is the output for /

> 226990  ./root
> 24076   ./sbin
> 281305  .
> #
> so what it appears that . is the culprit, correct. I am still learning to
> read the du command.

No - /root is the culprit.

Look at all those .something directories inside /root. They are created when 
you run an application as root and it wants to save data inside the user's 
home directory. For normal users their home directory is /home/username but 
for root the home directory is /root.

Check if you actually need any of that data thats hanging around in /root. I'd 
be very surprised if you actually did. Folders like .slypheed and .GNUstep 
could most likely be removed I suspect.



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