sendmail MX complaint

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Thu Jun 19 16:09:38 PDT 2003

Gary Aitken wrote:
> What does the following mean, and where did I screw up?
> It seems to me like the complaint is what I want -- MX says nightmare, 
> which is, which is  Obviously 
> something here I don't understand (nothing new there...)
[ ... ]
> This suddenly showed up as a result of removing and 
> from my /etc/mail/ file, but 
> leaving in the following two entires:
>  12.32.36

This is the #1 sendmail FAQ entry; basicly, you need to list all of the names, 
not IP addresses, for which your mail server should perform local delivery.

Your MX records are fine, or at least aren't the cause of the problem, anyway-- 
MX records tell other mail servers where (which IP) to deliver mail for a given 
address to.  But your mailserver doesn't care what IP the mail was delivered to; 
it cares whether the receipient address is local or not.


PS: is an old name; try switching to /etc/mail/local-host-names...

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