Passwords and MD5

Tim Legg legg at
Thu Jun 19 15:38:16 PDT 2003


I am running FreeBSD 5.1.

In /etc/login.conf, I see my password_format is set to MD5.

Now let's assume a temporary user I created.  He logs in as 'nerdy' and 
his password is 'FreeBSD'. (without quotes of course)

# $FreeBSD: src/etc/master.passwd,v 1.34 2003/04/27 05:45:29 imp Exp $
nerdy:$1$1xYw.V8w$IozDgrd4srvZPPqu85cR..:1005:1006::0:0:Mr. Know-it-all:/home/nerdy:/bin/sh

The $1$ means we are in fact using MD5.

but when I run md5 in the command line, I get

$ md5 -s FreeBSD
MD5 ("FreeBSD") = a3dc630729e463135f4e608954fa6e19

which is considerably different.

Why is that?

Timothy D Legg
legg at

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