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Shantanu Mahajan freebsd at
Thu Jun 19 07:39:10 PDT 2003

+-- Peter Leftwich [freebsd] [18-06-03 20:02 -0700]:
| Ponder this...  Why is it "/etc/fstab" and not "/etc/mount.conf" ??

	mount.conf would contain the default options to be
	passed to the mount command.
	e.g. '-f' option
	fstab = File System TABle (?)
	mount is a utility to mount the file system.

	From 'man fstab'
		fstab - static information about the filesystems

	Thus, fstab don't have any connection to mount.

| Ponder this...  Why does M$FT Windows have Created, Accessed, and Modified,
| while UNIX (beware of unresearched, wide-sweeping generalizations...) only
| provides one the "Last modified" date and time stamp?
| Ponder this...  Does this Leftwich guy ever shut up?  :-o
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FreeBSD is started up by the program 'init'.  The first thing init does when
starting multiuser mode (ie, starting the computer up for normal use) is to
run the shell script /etc/rc.  By reading /etc/rc, you can learn a lot about
how the system is put together, which again will make you more confident about
what happens when you do something with it.

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