mozilla is started instead of genuine netscape while opening a new window

parv parv_fm at
Thu Jun 19 00:38:05 PDT 2003

Hi there,

I have following installed...
                                                      other names
  port                          program in $PATH     in this message
  mozilla-1.4b,1                mozilla              -
  netscape-remote-1.0_1         netscape-remote      -
  netscape-wrapper-2000.07.07   netscape             netscape wrapper
  linux-netscape-navigator-4.8  navigator-linux-4.8  navigator,
                                                     genuine netscape

Problem does not happen when the genuine netscape is not running.  In
that case, it is started anew.  In addition, mozilla doesn't start if
its is not already running.

Say, i have /both/ mozilla & netscape running.  If i want to open a
new window of the genuine netscape, thru netscape-wrapper, a mozilla
window is opened instead of navigator's.

Problem is somewhere in "netscape" shell script as right things happen
if i start navigator directly, bypassing the wrapper.

( Recently, i have started using my own wrapper which calls the
netscape-wrapper program only if mozilla is not running, otherwise it
calls "navigator-linux-4.8". )

Could anybody tell how to actually fix netscape-wrapper, or what
causes mozilla to respond instead of navigator?

  - Parv

A programmer, budding Unix system administrator, and amateur photographer
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