NFS weirdness...

Matt matt at
Thu Jun 19 00:27:52 PDT 2003

jle said:
> My new web server won't mount NFS from fstab on reboot.
> on NFSD: (/etc/exports)
> /home2           -maproot=0 -alldirs     httpd
> on HTTPD: (/etc/fstab)
> NFSD:/home2              /home           nfs     rw,bg           0       0
> <manually mounting works>
> mount NFSD:/home2 /home
> Works fine until I reboot. Shouldn't it mount by itself? What am I missing
> now? Why doesn't HTTPD mount NFSD:/home2 on /home when it reboots? I see
> no errors in messages on either machine. Both are 5.1-CURRENT.

I had the same problem. I found it was due to named starting after the
mount was attempted and so it couldn't resolve the name of the nfs server.
I changed the fstab to the ip address instead and it worked fine. An
example from my fstab:   /usr/src        nfs     rw,soft,intr,nfsv3,tcp  0 

Give that a go.

Regards, Matt.

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