nforce2 or KT400

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Wed Jun 18 22:01:51 PDT 2003


When I worked in a local computer shop, oh so long ago, we always had the 
best luck with Asus, Abit and Iwill. I haven't put together a computer for 
myself since the AMD K6-233 was out so I don't know how well those 
manufactures are still doing, but if it was me those would be the first I 
would look into.


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>Subject: RE: nforce2 or KT400
>Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2003 19:33:04 -0700
>Hi Gleen:
>I am in your same situation, I am building a new PC and I've decided to
>buy an AMD processor, but I don't know witch brand to buy for the
>I would like the motherboard at least has 4 USB and 2 FireWire ports,
>use DDR ram.
>Can you  suggest some motherboards.
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>	I posted a similar question on the hardware list but did not get
>	response so I thought I would try here.
>	I am looking to get an AMD based motherboard.  All of the
>reviews I have
>	read indicated that the nforce2 boards are better.  Does this
>hold up
>	with regard to running FreeBSD on them?
>	Thanks.
>	--
>	Glenn Johnson
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