1024x768 on console

Joshua Oreman oremanj at webserver.get-linux.org
Wed Jun 18 20:00:40 PDT 2003

On Wed, Jun 18, 2003 at 09:39:58PM -0500 or thereabouts, Dan Nelson seemed to write:
> In the last episode (Jun 19), Avramidis Georgios said:
> > Has anyone managed to get 1024x768 on the console?
> > I have tried vidcontrol, but it won't work. Any suggestions?
> > I dont't like using X, and 800x600 doesn't look good on my LCD monitor...
> If you don't mind editing kernel code, take a look at /sys/dev/syscons/.
> Search for code blocks wrapped by #ifdef SC_PIXEL_MODE, find things
> that look like they're working with 800x600 mode, and duplicate them
> so they also handle 1024x768.  send-pr the patches when you're done :)

I don't mind, but I think that's not possible :(
I found this in scvidctl.c:
     * set_pixel_mode() currently does not support video modes whose
     * memory size is larger than 64K. Because such modes require
     * bank switching to access the entire screen. XXX
    if (info.vi_width*info.vi_height/8 > info.vi_window_size)
        return ENODEV;
I know nothing about bank switching, so I need some help here!

-- Josh

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