How to get FreeBSD-3.0-RELEASE?

Chris Shenton chris at
Wed Jun 18 11:12:21 PDT 2003

I've been asked to install a specific version of RealServer on
FreeBSD, and this version requires FreeBSD-3.0.  I usually pull down
the floppies and then install from the net.

I can't find floppies for anything older then 4.7.  I expect I can use
modern install floppies and use the "options" to specify 3.0-RELEASE
instead of what's default on the floppy, but then it undoubtedly be
unable to find the actual distribution to download and install.

If I could find an ISO, I probably can borrow a friend's CD burner but
I can't find an ISO for 3.0-RELEASE either. 

It would seem stupid to install 4.7 on the box, then use cvsup to pull
down the source for 3.0, then compile that and install it on top of
4.7.  Ick.

I'll have a FreeBSD-4.8-STABLE box nearby, and I guess it might be
possible to cvsup 3.0-R and build there, but not how I'd go about
net-installing onto the target, without NFS.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

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