Recovery from 5.1 make installworld mistake

Joshua Oreman oremanj at
Wed Jun 18 10:03:12 PDT 2003

On Wed, Jun 18, 2003 at 06:18:53AM -0700 or thereabouts, cp seemed to write:
> I cvsup'd src=all, make buildworld, make installworld
> and messed up my chance to build a RELENG_5_1
> kernel. You all said to fall back to 5.0 and start over.
> I went and got the machine from where it lives on the
> net, brought it back to my kitchen (where I have only
> modem access and began to do the fall back.
> I'm at that point where I've passed the make installworld
> with 5.0 sources and everything seems back in order.
> Prior to downgrading all the sources to 5.0, I created 
> a tar archive of /usr/src as it was after cvsup'ing 5.1.
> Now as to getting back to 5.1. The Question needing 
> opinions is: 
>         Do I dare untar my 5.1 sources, overlaying
>         /usr/src, and start my buildworld-buildkernel-
>         installkernel-boot-installworld process or... 
>         do I have to redo the cvsup? 

I'd say it's safe.
The build process does not modify ANYTHING in /usr/src, so
a cvsup would be pointless.
Remove /usr/obj if it exists, though.

-- Josh

> An alternate phrasing for the question is, will I be missing
> anything meaningful by using my /usr/src/ archive of 5.1
> sources? ports are virtually irrelevant on this system if that
> is a factor and I've explicitly saved every meaningful 
> tailored configuration (e.g. rc.firewall, rc.conf, hosts, etc). 
> For me redoing the cvsup means taking the box
> back to where I have no direct console access making
> that first problematic 5.1 reboot difficult.
> Thanks in advance,
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