Problem with USB ulpt0 and CUPS

Thomas T. Veldhouse veldy at
Wed Jun 18 06:39:20 PDT 2003

I posted this in April and received no response.  However, this has been an
ongoing issue since at least 2001 (where I found the first reference to this
trouble via Google).

The problem seems to be that the FreeBSD USB LPT driver (even with no-reset)
is somehow dropping the first bits of the data stream, causing a page full
of trash to be printed prior to the actual print job.  I have no verified
this problem with 5.1-RELEASE as well.


I have a machine that has been serving as a print server.  That machine was
running CUPS and SAMBA over Linux.  Now, it is running FreeBSD
5.0-RELEASE-p7 with CUPS and SAMBA.  I have a Lexmark Optra 312 laser
printer hooked up to the usb port, ulpt0 (no reset).  When it was running
linux, everything ran perfectly.  I allow the Windows client machines to use
their print drivers and send a raw stream through samba to cups for
printing.  This configuration has worked fine.  However, for reasons of my
own, I have put FreeBSD 5.0 on this machine.  The same software
configuration exists for printing.  Now, when I print most pages, I get an
extra page prefixing the job with two or three lines of printer commands
(i.e. resolution = 600, @PCL, etc).  This seems to be caused by the FreeBSD
usb printer driver dropping a couple of characters at the beginning of the
command stream.  This used to happen to me with FreeBSD 4.6 as well, which
is why that machine was running Linux in the first place.  Has anybody seen
this strange behavior and is there a known fix for it?

Thanks in advance,

Tom Veldhouse

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