Looking for a fetchmail tutorial

Kjell Midtseter kmidtset at c2i.net
Tue Jun 17 23:19:59 PDT 2003

On Wednesday, 18 June 2003 at  0:29:52 -0400, Dragoncrest wrote:
> 	You will have to forgive me for this.  I had a fetchmail tutorial at 
> 	one point in time that someone had posted for me but I have somehow since 
> then lost the silly thing.  What I'm doing now is running fetchmail on the 
> user level.  I'd like to switch to running fetchmail on a system wide level 
> and have it scan each individual users home directory for their respective 
> fetchmailrc files and execute them accordingly and then pass the mail off 
> to procmail for spam and virus filtering.
> 	Can someone point me over to where I can find this tutorial again?  
> 	Much apreciated.  And I promise not to loose it this time.  :)
maybe: http://cfm.gs.washington.edu/email/fetchmail/ 
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