Cron wacking out

Jaime jaime at
Tue Jun 17 17:32:59 PDT 2003

> root: not found

> Jun 17 00:20:00 silver-fox /usr/sbin/cron[247]: (root) CMD
> (root^I/usr/libexec/atrun)

	I'm guessing, but it sounds a lot like cron is trying to execute
"root" as a command.  The ^I is probably a control character that go into
a file somewhere by accident.  You might want to cvsup/make-world in order
to get correct files in place.

	BTW, when I last saw something like this, it was a bunch of ^L
control characters scattered through my system's source code.  The system
in question had a bad mother board.  I don't know if you have a problem
like that, but you should keep your eyes open for an abundance of control
characters in random places in random files.  Even after cvsup-ing new
source code files, I still had these ^L characters everywhere.  So, look
for a clue like that.

	Wow, that happened to me back when I was updating from 2.2.5 to
2.2.7.  :)  Thanks for the chance at nostalgia.  :)


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