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Tue Jun 17 16:51:46 PDT 2003

On Tue, 17 Jun 2003 10:33:43 -0700
Lee_Shackelford at wrote:

> Greetings fellow B.S.D. enthusiasts.   Recently, I requested installation
> of a television cable at my home in Sacramento, California.  The cable
> operator is Comcast.  I requested connection of the television cable to my
> computer, which is a service that the operator advertises profusely.  The
> telephone sales representative assured me that all things are possible,
> including both a Unix operating system, and an in-house L.A.N.  The
> installation technician spent some time installing the cable, then attached
> it through a Motorola DOCSYS modem to the NIC board on the computer.  The
> computer saw the cable network, but the cable refused to accept a logon
> request from the computer.  The technician said that he believed that
> neither B.S.D. nor any other Unix, nor any Microsoft product that could be
> programmed to act as a server was acceptable.  Has any other person had the
> same problem?  How did you solve it?  If I insist on a B.S.D. connection,

Well that all sounds like crap to me. I have comcast in Pgh, Pa. area. All I had to do was enable dhcp client on my laptop and BAM i was online. I have an old pentium pc connected to the same cable modem connect via a hub running as a web server. So it sound more of a tech that wasn't to technical.

My brother had a tech come to his house to install his cable modem and his tech could not set it up on Windows 98, they told him to reinstall windows.

I too, had a windows pc laying around for the tech to setup on, I think that's the easiest way. I would assume that that's what they are trained on.


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