Installing SquidGuard on FreeBSD 4.4

Jaime jaime at
Tue Jun 17 10:11:14 PDT 2003

On Tue, 17 Jun 2003, Simon-Pierre Butsana wrote:
> I am trying to install SquidGuard on a FreeBSD server but this doesn't
> work. I succeeded in installing SquidCache that works fine. Can you
> advice me in getting a successful installation of SquidGuard on FreeBSD
> 4.4? Alternatively, can you advice me a access controller and redirector
> working fine with FreeBSD 4.4?

	SquidGuard uses squid.  I would actually recommend adding
DansGuardian to your filters.  That is how I do things.  DansGuardian
loads the SquidGuard files and speaks to squid, squid does the web site
retrieval and caching, nad some ipfw rules handle redirection and prevent
anyone from accessing squid directly.  (Accessing squid directly would
circumvent DansGuardian.)

	There are lots of docs on the web that detail this.  Most of the
settings in the squid configuration files are OK in their default form.  I
think that I changed about a half dozen settings at most.

						Good luck,

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