bad file descriptor

Jaime jaime at
Tue Jun 17 06:06:15 PDT 2003

	Can anyone explain this?  It looks like I can't delete a given
file.  This file has been causing weird errors with just about everything,
including tar, rm, ls -l, etc.  It resides on a vinum RAID-5 array, which
is the only strange thing I can think of about it.

zeus# ls
#pico29506#                     .login                          .shrc                           cdtashirt.jpg
.addressbook                    .login_conf                     .spamassassin                   cdtashirtstitch.jpg                 .mail_aliases                   December 2002   dead.letter
.aspell.en.prepl                .mailrc                         Documents                       mail
.aspell.en.pws                  .pinerc                         Lawrence.JPG                    mbox
.aspell.english.prepl           .profile                        October 2002 Newsletter.doc     public_html
.aspell.english.pws             .qmail.backup.from.cyrus        October 2002 Newsletter.doc.
.cshrc                          .rhosts                         acker
zeus# rm "#pico29506#"
rm: #pico29506#: Bad file descriptor
zeus# whoami

							Thanks in advance,

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