USB/NE2000 IRQ conflict?

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Mon Jun 16 23:45:12 PDT 2003

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Subject: RE: USB/NE2000 IRQ conflict?

> The ne2000 nic has setup utility that you run from ms/dos that you
> can set the nic's irq with. If you did not get one in the box the
> Nic came in them check out the MFG website.

That is not the case for RTL8029 based NIC's, which are PCI NIC's that
emulate the NE2000 for driver compatibility. They are assigned IRQ's like
any other PCI card, rather than using a setup utility like the real NE2000
ISA cards.

That said, have you tried a different slot? IRQ12 is often problematic,
since it's supposed to be reserved for PS2 Mice on most systems. See if your
BIOS allows you to exclude that IRQ somehow.


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