USB/NE2000 IRQ conflict?

freebsdQ at freebsdQ at
Mon Jun 16 14:51:55 PDT 2003

I have an old motherboard (with AMIBios 2.5) which doesn't have any USB
slots, so I bought a generic USB OHCI controller to use. Problem is,
both it and my Realtek 8029 network card have been assigned irq 12 and
now I am getting "ed0: device timeout" messages. I am running
It seems to spot both cards on bootup and ifconfig looks normal (haven't
looked at the USB setup yet because I want to get the network back
If I remove the USB card, I can use the network fine.
I can't seem to force the BIOS to assign an interrupt to each slot/card
and nothing I have tried in the kernel configuration seems to have
helped either. I would appreciate any help before I give up and try my
ISA network card instead.
Matt Proctor

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