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Mon Jun 16 14:10:50 PDT 2003

On June 16, 2003 04:35 pm, Valerie Andrewlevich wrote:

"Free" has another (IMHO more important) meaning as well: FreeBSD is free of 
many of the licensing restrictions attached to commercial OSes. You're 
essentially free to install it on as many boxes as you want; no draconian 
"product activation" nonsense here. Got programming skills? Modify part or 
all of the OS to suit your needs.

Aye it's a thing of beauty...Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy just thinking 
about it.

> I'm a bit confused -- your website clearly states that freeBSD is a free
> OS, yet each of the sites that offer the CD charge money for it.  Am I
> missing something here?
> thanks,
> Valerie Andrewlevich
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