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Matthew Seaman m.seaman at
Mon Jun 16 13:12:56 PDT 2003

On Mon, Jun 16, 2003 at 08:39:26PM +0100, Rus Foster wrote:

> I'm looking for non-critical PR to work on and wonder if someone would
> mind lending me a a bit of guidnace for my first time?

When you say PR, I'm pretty sure you mean "Problem Reports", and not
"Public Relations".  Even so, that still covers an awful lot of
ground. What sort of thing do you want to work on?  I mean, are you
looking for heavyweight kernel programming? Porting the latest JDK?
Rewriting the install system?

If you want to work your way into FreeBSD development, a good place to
start is this, and the other FreeBSD mailing lists.  There's quite a
few problems that pop up that can be solved by fairly easy patches.
Submitting a stream of PRs with patches for those problems will earn
you karma.  Then there's the documentation project: that's a
relatively accessible part of the system to get into if you can write
coherently.  Or there's the ports system.  Volunteers to become
maintainer for one or more ports -- or to write and maintain new ports
-- are always in demand.



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