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Rus Foster rghf at
Mon Jun 16 11:59:44 PDT 2003

On Mon, 16 Jun 2003, mell miller wrote:

> hi all, i've just recently heard of bsd and am seriously considering
> going that way, but before i go much further i have what is likely a
> stupid question but since in the past i've disregarded such questions
> thinking they were unimportant or that the answer was obvious only to
> later regret it i shall ask my stupid question.  nearly all software and
> hardware is window compatable and most require a windows o/s, does this
> mean bsd users are left out in the cold or are there alternative
> releases or is most software/hardware also compatable with a bsd o/s?

There are things called winmodems and winprinters which do require Windows
as some of the work the hardware would normally do is handeled on the CPU.
However I've found FreeBSD to work on 99% of the hardware I've chucked at
it without any problems. sometimes its take a bit of work to but normally
it will be fine. If you let us know what sort of hardware you have got I'm
sure we can help you



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