Michael C. Cambria mcc at fid4.com
Mon Jun 16 11:23:22 PDT 2003


I use 4.8-Stable day to day, but setup a system to get my feet wet with
5.1-Release.  A driver I need to use, lmc, is new to 5.1.  On 4.x I use
the driver from the support page of LanMedia (now SBEI).

The lmc driver will not build.  It needs COMPAT_OLDPCI defined in the
kernel.  This option doesn't seem to be supported anymore.  UPDATING has
an entry stating that OLDPCI (and OLDISA) are needed for drivers that
haven't been modified to newbus.  OLDISA is still supported (according
to /usr/src/sys/i386/conf/NOTES), but using options COMPAT_OLDPCI causes
the kernel compile to fail.

A search on OLDPCI returns several matches in the -current archives
stating that one needs this option defined.  I can find nothing that
says the option went away (nor what (if anything) replaced it).

Am I SOL with this driver?  I'm surprised that the lmc driver would be
formally added to FreeBSD with the 5.1-Release but not in a usable
form.  The source code expects OLDPCI to be defined.  I just can find
out how to enable it.

Any help appreciated.


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