install help needed on the probing side of things

robert harpham robert at
Mon Jun 16 07:57:58 PDT 2003


i decided to instlll FreeBSD 5 onto my file server due to upgraing main hard drive etc etc..

when i try 2 run the CD all boots fine, pres enter then start probing my hardware and it gets to the IDE device find my 2hard drivers, CD Rom fine, then just locks up like dosnt do anythink left it for a long time but just sits there. pres the num lock keys they work ligh on and off. but does go any thera on the instll..

i had linux turbolinux on there before and it ran fine.

i have bin over my bios 2 check driver setting but everythink seems right

any one elce had this problem?

i have tryed 2 dif CD-ROM drivers 2, Liton and a acer 40x drive
both get 2 same point. also tryed with 1 HDD only

any one have any idea

many thanks

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