Adding a Wireless AP securely

Steve Edwards edwards_sj at
Mon Jun 16 03:51:23 PDT 2003

I currently use a FreeBSD box as my main server...

I have all my PCs including the FreeBSD box attached to a switch, also attached
is a DSL router...

I use the FreeBSD box as a gateway so that it can handle all the DHCP and DNS

I've bought a wireless AP and have plugged this into the switch also, this gives
me wireless access to the whole network, but I want to restrict this to basically
just internet access...

I've tried installing a second ethernet card in the FreeBSD box and hanging the
Wireless AP off of that...

I've set up a bridge and IPFIREWALL, but the second NIC cannot see the FreeBSD
box, I think this is by design, you would normally want the bridge to be
transparent, but as this box acts as my gateway I need it to be seen...

Is there a way around this, or a better way of doing it?

Thanks for your time


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