help installing sun java on freebsd -5.1

sweetleaf sweetleaf at
Mon Jun 16 02:49:11 PDT 2003

I am running netscape v.7.0.2 that i d/l from under the linux emulation on freebsd-5.1. I would like to use the chat features a yahoo and be able to do online banking which requires java. Netscape redirected me to suns page to d/l the java below:

I am trying to follow the install instruction but i keep getting the error this binary is not executable. As mentioned above i am following their instructions:

3. ype: chmod 777 j2sdk-1_4_1_02-s1studio_ce-4u1-bin-linux.bin to change permissions on that file to allow execution.

Run the installer.

1. Type the following command from the directory where you placed the installation file:


i have also tried chmod a+x but the same results.

Thanks in advance.


 I would also like to install realplayer 8. again netscape sent me to to d/l the linux distro. its a rpm format so i installed rpm from the linux section on rpm -i realplayer.rpm gives a bunch of lib dependency issues. Is their a special package from the linux emulation section that i need to install?

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