4.0 Release vs ssh2/sshd2

cp cp at olympus.net
Sat Jun 14 20:25:54 PDT 2003

I almost feel guilty asking this because I think I know
the answer. We did a pkg_add of ssh2 from freebsd
and installed it but can't run getting an ld-elf error 
for an undefined symbol "__stdoutp". 

These two servers have 4.0 Release from March of
2000. Is this release just way too old to be installing a port
dated May 2002? If so, should I use the old ssh off 
the 2000 cd (even though there are security problems)
rather than remain with open telnet/ftp we've used for 

Sorry that's two questions but they seem quite closely
tied ;-). TIA


P.S. The obvious answer is in process, within a couple
of months both machines will be updated to 5.1 Release.
We just can't do that quite yet.

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