5.1-Release: Write operation on enire ad{0,1,2,...} with mounted partition[s]

kAlunya nick at hostel.com.ua
Sat Jun 14 19:04:56 PDT 2003

Hello, Core-Team!

As shortly said in ${SUBJECT}, there is a question.
In 5.1 Release thereis a situation:
# whoami
# dd if=/dev/ad0 of=sect0_copy count=1
..........it is ok........
# dd if=sect0_copy of=/dev/ad0
dd: /dev/ad0: Operation not permitted
# rm -rf /                ????? :)

What is going on with permition to write my boot sector back on ad0?
So image repeats when I am in single mode with / mounted as RO
Is it ok with driver?
>From one side - it's ok, FreeBSD says: "Hm... Thereis mounted things on this device! ;( Go away from my ad0!!!"
>From other side... Am I r00t on :((
I _DO WANT_ this operation. But Free doesn't...

Is it good with she?
With best wishes, Nick.

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