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well, i did install it from ports and i already has aspell i dont know. Ill take a look at it again, but would rather use the current rel. 0.9.0 as it is suppose to have several bugs fixed that casued the version in ports to be unstable at times.

thanks kevin, have a great day.

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>>> the os is freebsd-5.1
>>> sylpheed-claws is v.0.9.0 d/l from their website.
>>On 5.0 it built with no intervention from ports.  The ports version
>>there is 0.8.6 ... slightly older, but maybe that's why your build is
>>failing.  ports is the way to go most of the time.
>I tried that one, it did not have a spell checker.

Erm, Sylpheed-claws has been at version 0.8.10 for nearly two months now
and it contains the flag WITH_ASPELL which might help.

# make -DWITH_ASPELL install

Looking at the port's Makefile suggests there are quite a few options
that might be of interest.

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