problem Postgres rotation logs

Clement Laforet sheepkiller at
Sat Jun 14 12:45:38 PDT 2003

On Sat, 14 Jun 2003 18:21:29 +0000
"Emilio Manuel" <curioso1100 at> wrote:

> I use Postgres as database for my web site. Postgres write logs to 
> /var/log/pgsql.log.
> To make log rotation, I append:
> /var/log/pgsql          pgsql:pgsql     600  4     *    $W0D23  Z
> to /etc/newsyslog
> The rotation works fine and Postgres still work after it occurs, but until I 
> stop and start again Postgres, it doesn_t write any line to the new file 
> /var/log/pgsql.log
> ¿What am I doing wrong?

you need to send a kill -HUP to Postgres process, because you change the file name but not he file descriptor.

according to man newsyslog :
             This optional field specifies the file name to read to find the
             daemon process id, or to find a process group id if the U flag
             was specified.  If this field is present, a signal_number is sent
             the process id contained in this file.  If this field is not
             present, then a SIGHUP signal will be sent to syslogd(8), unless
             the N flag has been specified.  This field must start with "/" in
             order to be recognized properly.



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