arp messages: Why is this happening?

ODHIAMBO Washington wash at
Sat Jun 14 02:49:58 PDT 2003

* Mark Atkinson <atkin901 at> [20030613 19:00]: wrote:
> This is probably a DHCP network?  This would happen if a client gets a 
> new DHCP assigned IP address, instead of it's old one, and before the
> freebsd boxes' ARP cache expired for that machine.  Usually this only 
> happens with:

Not a DHCP network per se, but an ISP environment where clients get assigned
dynamic IPs on dialup.
However, this problem was never so pronounced when I was running 4.7-STABLE,
only after 4.8-STABLE.

> - broken DHCP clients (not requesting it's old ip back upon reboot).
> - broken DHCP servers (not maintaining lease state properly to
>                        assign clients their old addresses)
> - tight DHCP address spaces (ie. the DHCP server must reuse previously
>                              leased IP addresses to accomodate
>                              new DISCOVERS).
> or a combination of the above.

No idea if that applies to me, but we do not run a DHCP server.

> Either that or you have a whole bunch of machines that use gratuitous
> ARP to advertise the new interfaces in a failover situation.

Yikes! I need to be a network specialist, sort of.. but no.


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