de0 recognized but not configurable

Peter Elsner peter at
Fri Jun 13 13:24:11 PDT 2003

How old is this system?

I remember a few years ago, there was a problem with NIC's on IRQ9...
I don't remember the exact details but we had a customers NIC on IRQ9,
and they complained constantly about the lag.  When we finally
discovered that the card was on IRQ9, we went into the systems BIOS
and changed it to IRQ10.  After a reboot the speed increased drastically.

Newer hardware shouldn't have that problem, but you might want to try
changing the BIOS setting for that IRQ.


At 02:09 PM 6/13/2003 -0600, you wrote:
>I'm building a kernel with two ethernet devices, an ed0 and a de0.
>Both devices are recognized during the hardware probe at system startup:
>  de0: <Digital 21041 Ethernet> irq 9 at device 18.0 on pci 0
>device_probe_and_attach: de0 attach returned 6
>  ed0: <Netgear EA201 Ethernet Card> at port 0x240-0x25f irq 5 on isa 0
>Both cards are good, as I've tested them in a different system (also fbsd).
>However, the de0 card is not configurable in this system, although the ed0 
>device is:
>  ifconfig de0 a.b.c.d netmask
>  ifconfig: interface de0 does not exist
>I presume the "device_probe_and_attach: de0 attach returned 6" has 
>something to do with this;
>my archive search didn't find anything, however.
>The irqs appear to be allocated as follows:
>  irq1   atkbd0
>  irq3   sio1
>  irq4   sio0
>  irq5    ed0
>  irq6    fdc0
>  irq9    de0
>  irq11  bt0
>  irq15  pci0 <S3 Trio Graphics Accelerator>
>On the (other) system where the device is configurable successfully, the 
>graphics card is at 9 and the de device is at 15.
>My kernel config specifies
>  device        de
>There is an if_de.o in the compile/KERNELNAME directory.  An nm on the 
>kernel shows
>  d    if_de_pci_driver_list
>  d    if_de_pci_driver_mod
>  d    if_de_pci_mod
>  d    if_de_pcimodule_sys_init
>What determines the order of irq assignment?
>What does the "device_probe_and_attach" message mean?  Device not present 
>/ responding?
>Any hints on how to get this device to pay attention?
>What's the syntax for pci device assignment in rc.config when specifying 
>irqs?  I tried permutations on the isa version and got nowhere.
>Thanks for any hints.
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