cant get netscape or mozilla installer to run.

SweeTLeaF SweeTLeaF at
Fri Jun 13 10:23:09 PDT 2003

Thanks, i will try that. perhaps mozilla can be built from src... and run in a freebsd native env. I guess the steps for the latter would be just download the mozilla src code and compile it, could it be that easy or is it a headach? 

just out of curiosity, which do you guys thinks is better... mozilla or netscape despite them sharing much of the same code? 

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Rohit writes:

>  Heres your solution. 
>  You need the linux-libgtk. 

	The bigger question would be: why are you using linux-netscape
when there's a perfectly good native port(/package) available?
(There _is_ a reason, but I haven't seen it mentioned.)

			Robert Huff

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