Booting takes too long. Why? (/ was not properly dismounted)

Luke Kearney lukek at
Fri Jun 13 08:46:55 PDT 2003

could the shutdown binary be broken on your installations ? are you running
the same release on all machines installed from the same media ?


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> Rohit wrote:
> > Here is the dmesg. However, I should tell you that this has been the
case with
> > all my FreeBSD boxes. I have two PC's running FreeBSD and a Compaq
> > running FreeBSd all have different types of harddrives.
> >
> > The main problem is that everytime I boot I get the message saying / was
> > dismounted properly and then it goes through and fixes all the drive
> > errors. (This is the case on all my computers)
> My mistake ... I misread your original post.
> > I shutdown using the shutdown -h now command
> > or reboot using reboot now
> How big is your / partition?  During the halt/reboot sequence, does it
give any
> errors?  Are all the buffers flushed?
> I'm grasping at straws here ... Is there some daemon running that takes
too long
> to shutdown or doesn't shutdown cleanly, thus preventing the system from
> all its buffers and marking the fs clean?
> One thing to try: manually stop all processes that you can, then issue
"sync" a
> few times, then (when disk activity has stopped) issue reboot.  See if /
is still
> dirty on reboot.
> Does fsck succeed during boot?  Possibly boot into single-usr mode and
> "fsck -y" until the filesystems are all marked clean, then try your
> method of rebooting and see if the / partition is now clean.
> Many guesses here.  Hopefully one of them will be helpful.
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