Procmail isn't handing off mail like it should.

Dragoncrest dragoncrest at
Fri Jun 13 08:29:55 PDT 2003

	Hi all.  Ok, got a really weird setup here that I need some advice 
on.  I've started using my home mail server for spam filtering for my dad 
and step brother.  Well, it filters spam just fine for me, but all it's 
doing for them is downloading the mail, then forwarding it off to the 
dumping account without actually filtering the mail.  I'm confused 
why.  Ok, well, here's my basic setup.

	I'm firing up fetchmail at user level via cron to grab my mail, filter it, 
and then deliver it locally.  My dad and step brother's mail is slightly 
different.  Their mail is being pulled in by my fetchmail process, and it's 
supposed to be filtered and then forwarded from my machine off to a dumping 
account on my external domain so that all they recieve is spam and virus 
free mail.  Problem is, all it's doing is grabbing the mail, then 
forwarding it off.  It's not filtering it.  I have even setup local 
accounts for them complete with an exact copy of my procmailrc file to try 
to help this, but it's not working.

	Ok, to give you a little better mental picture, here's a general layout.

	user1 (this is me)
	user2 (this is my dad)
	user3 (this is my step brother)

	user1 uses fetchmail to pull in the mail and pass it through spam assassin 
and deliver it to his local account.  He also grabs the mail for user2 and 
user3 in an effort to filter their mail as well, then forward it off to 
each one's respective mail accounts.  The process is being run as user1 
from cron rather than as root.  All works fine except no mail is being 
filtered for either user2 or user3.  It's basically coming in, and then 
immediately going out again to another location.

	Any way I can rectify this?  Do I have to setup separate fetchmail 
processes for each user?  Or do I have to setup fetchmail as a daemon and 
somehow set it to process mail for all 3 user accounts individually.  I'm 
kinda confused here.  Any help is apreciated.  Thanks.

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