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Fri Jun 13 06:47:05 PDT 2003

Christopher Rosado wrote:

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> I'm helping a friend set up FreeBSD on his machine, and after adding pcm
> to
> his kernel, he's now unable to run KDE.  I'm including his dmesg output,
> which contains the relevant info (artsd/pcm-related).

Doesn't look like it has anything to do with artsd or KDE. It looks like your
kernel keeps panicing on boot.

In addition, while it's possible that adding the pcm device to your kernel
is what causes the kernel panics, I'm skeptical. I think it's something
else because the kernel doesn't panic right after or before it detects the
pcm device. It panics right after it detects cd0. 

Did you JUST add pcm support to the kernel? Or did you add a bunch of other
stuff at the same time? (looks like you need the usb audio stuff)

My advice would be to boot into the old kernel (read the handbook), back up
the old kernel, then start recompiling the new kernel without some of the
options and devices you just added. Something is causing problems. Use the
process of elimination to figure out what it is.

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