Installing specific ports

Benzi Mizrahi vsbenzi at
Fri Jun 13 01:41:55 PDT 2003


 I am fairly new to FreeBSD. I started playing around with it about
 3 or 4 month ago. I've installed 5.0-release on my DELL latitude C800,
 on wich I already had installed  win2k and RedHat 8.0.
    I must say that I 'll like this OS better ( I usually work on
 After upgrading to 5.1-BETA2 and yesterday to 5.1-release
 I was unable to install any ports .

 When doing make instyall clean from any port I receive these lines:

 ella# make
There is a COMMENTFILE in this port.
COMMENTFILEs have been deprecated in
favor of COMMENT variables.
Please, rectify this.
*** Error code 1


 this is going on since I upgraded to 5.1-beta2 and now on 5.1-release.

This is my first question to this list, I have one more to go but it'll
 for next time.

 thanx for any help

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