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Manuel Rabade - MiG mig at
Thu Jun 12 18:32:42 PDT 2003

How do you run wine ?? with a "fake windows" or with a current windows instalation?

In my case i run wine with a fake windows drive (.wine/c/) and i have to do the
followin steps to get kazaa working in freebsd:

- Copy this dlls from a windows instalation to .wine/c/Windows/System
- Add to .wine/config the following:

	"commctrl" = "native"
	"comctl32" = "native"
	"comdlg32" = "native"
	"msvcrt" = "native"
	"shdoclc" = "native"
	"shdocvw" = "native"
	"shlwapi" = "native"
	"urlmon" = "native"
	"wininet" = "native"
	"rasapi32" = "native"

- Run the instalation of Kazza (i am currently working with Kazaa Lite Retro
Edition 1.7.2, i tired to install Kazaa Lite 2.x but seems to be a problem
with the port of wine, and i can't run Kazaa 2.x, but a friend can run it
on Linux).

- Enjoy it ¡¡, to run Kazaa:

wine $HOME/.wine/c/Windows/Program Files/Kazaa Lite/Kazaa.exe

Note: to get working the initial config and all the hierarchy of the fake
windows, you could try to install 'linux-winetools' (also in ports), and
create the initial .wine hierarchy and config file with it.

In one month i will make a guide of this and publish it.

Also i have a tgz with the .wine directory with dll's, config file and kazaa already
installed, (ready to untar it and run kazaa), if you want this, drop me a line (in
a month i will put it online also).

On Thu, Jun 12, 2003 at 06:51:40PM -0400, Jason wrote:
> nobody knows? I asked the wine-users list twice and nobody there answered
> either.
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> Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2003 20:18:55 -0400 (EDT)
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> Subject: wine/freebsd/kazaa.. (fwd)
> freebsd fans.. running freebsd 4.8-stable and have
> installed wine from
> the ports. Wine-20030508.tar.gz
> It installed fine and I can run notepad with no problems..
> Im running the kazaalite install binary for windows and it gets so far..
> then it bombs out with
> err:module:BUILTIN32_dlopen failed to load .so lib for builtin
> msacm.imaadpcm: Cannot open "/usr/local/lib/wine/"
> err:module:BUILTIN32_dlopen failed to load .so lib for builtin
> msacm.msadpcm: Cannot open "/usr/local/lib/wine/"
> (I cannot find those files on my system anywhere. btw. where should they
> come from?)
> I cant find anything useful on google/usenet about this. any ideas?
> regards,
> Jason
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