Upgrading 5.0 -> 5.1

cp cp at olympus.net
Thu Jun 12 18:11:48 PDT 2003

> You should *really* use 'make buildkernel' in the toplevel if you're
> combining it with a world update. Recommended procedure:
> ~# cvsup /my/5.1.supfile
> ~# cd /usr/src
> /usr/src# make buildworld
> /usr/src# make buildkernel KERNCONF=<yourKERNELname>
> /usr/src# make installkernel KERNCONF=<yourKERNELname>
> /usr/src# reboot
> OK boot -s
> # fsck -p && mount -a
> # ( cd /usr/src && make installworld )
> # reboot
> OK boot
> Also read chapter 21 of the Handbook.

I have a related question on this if you would permit.
I just did the same thing (5.0->5.1), I started to follow
the handbook but became concerned in reading posts
on the subject that suggested to installworld prior to
building the kernel and booting. I also do not have
access to the console in any convenient manner so I
knew that it would never come back from
the boot (it would be a week before I could then 
get it up). So I did this:

cvsup (src=all) RELENG_5_1
make buildkernel KERNCONF=MINE

At this point, it won't complete the kernel build and is
showing signs of being unusable (e.g. "ipfw show" just
dumps core). Is it too late to correct this or is a 
reinstall and reconfigure next week the only option left?

a different Chris than started this thread

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