Gnumeric2 Won't Print Properly

Scott Reese sreese at
Thu Jun 12 14:13:42 PDT 2003

[Please cc: me in any replies as I'm not currently subscribed to this 
list.  Thank you.]

I can't get Gnumeric to print a simple spreadsheet properly.  It uses 
a font other than the one I've specified (I specified Helvetica and 
it's trying to use a different font for printing for some reason...the 
font it's trying to use also happens to be the first one in the font 
list, if that datapoint helps at all) and the cells come out blank or 
as little squares (this may be due in part to the limitations of the 
font that Gnumeric is trying to print with, though).  Any ideas on how 
to fix this or on who to bug to get this fixed?

I'm running 5.1-RELEASE and I'm using Gnome 2 for my windowing system. 
  Any suggestions or pointers would be greatly appreciated.


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