No login shell with ssh/nis on FreeBSD 5.1

Stefan Schwarzer stefan.schwarzer at
Thu Jun 12 08:49:59 PDT 2003


today, I used cvsup to update a server from FreeBSD 5.0 Release to
FreeBSD 5.1 Release. I didn't forget to run mergemaster.

Now I find, I can no longer get a login shell for a NIS-supported
account if I try to log into the server via ssh:

| user at client:~$ ssh server
| user at server.domain's password:
| Connection to server closed by remote host.
| Connection to server closed.

However, the authentication seems to work, as I see it in
/var/log/auth.log on the server. Also, I can invoke commands via ssh
(just not get a login shell):

| user at client:~$ ssh server ls
| user at server.domain's password:
| [home directory listing is shown]

On the other hand, a ssh login for a user with an account locally on
the server works, as does a (temporarily tested) telnet login of the
NIS user. Console logins work, too, for both local and NIS users.

Summary in a table:

command         user known by NIS   user known locally (w.r.t. server)

ssh             doesn't work        works
ssh ls          works               works
telnet          works               works
console login   works               works

Can anyone help? Please reply not only to the list but also by private
mail because I'm not subscribed to the list. Thank you!


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