"Boot Error" from BIOS after try to install 5.1-RELEASE

Carter, Mr. James A. carterj at spawar.navy.mil
Thu Jun 12 08:12:59 PDT 2003


Thank you for your response. I agree that Windows ME is junk. Until last
night, it was just another coaster.

I had FreeBSD (4.8-Release) replace the MBR by doing "fdisk -b" and it
didn't work (actually it toasted the MBR). So System Commander replaced the
MBR, but the BIOS still gives me that error.

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Boot to a prompt using your Windows ME disk (blah ... the worst version of
Windows EVER).

At the prompt:

fdisk /mbr

Tom Veldhouse

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Subject: "Boot Error" from BIOS after try to install 5.1-RELEASE

> Greetings List:
> After trying to install 5.1-RELEASE from CD (which fails miserably during
> the BTX stage), my hard drive stopped booting. When the BIOS reaches my
> hard-drive while scanning for bootable devices, it displays the message
> "Boot Error".
> I then inserted a Windows ME  CD and selected "Boot From HD". This booted
> into System Commander (which is what used to happen automatically).
> System Commander detects no errors in the partitions on the hard-drive,
> obviously the MBR is in place (or else SC would not have loaded).
> Any ideas on what I fried and how I can fix it? Is there a way to get
> FreeBSD to fix the boot sector on my HDD?
> Thanks,
> James
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