"Boot Error" from BIOS after try to install 5.1-RELEASE

Carter, Mr. James A. carterj at spawar.navy.mil
Thu Jun 12 07:46:03 PDT 2003

Greetings List:

After trying to install 5.1-RELEASE from CD (which fails miserably during
the BTX stage), my hard drive stopped booting. When the BIOS reaches my
hard-drive while scanning for bootable devices, it displays the message
"Boot Error".

I then inserted a Windows ME  CD and selected "Boot From HD". This booted
into System Commander (which is what used to happen automatically).

System Commander detects no errors in the partitions on the hard-drive, and
obviously the MBR is in place (or else SC would not have loaded).

Any ideas on what I fried and how I can fix it? Is there a way to get
FreeBSD to fix the boot sector on my HDD?


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