IMAP stealing mails from POP3 server (Squirrelmail)

Alfonso Romero ibac at
Thu Jun 12 06:59:44 PDT 2003

I use squrrelmail and uw-imap. I can use pop3 and imap without any problems.

Alfonso Romero

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Subject: IMAP stealing mails from POP3 server (Squirrelmail)

I'm running a FreeBSD 4.7 STABLE server with qpopper 4.0.4, Squirrelmail
1.2.11 and imap-uw-2002_1 together with other things such as Apache and
Proftpd. For outgoing mail I'm using Sendmail and normal FreeBSD mail (not

I'm mainly using POP3 for fetching my emails, but when I'm out travelling
I'd like to be using Squirrelmail. Therefore I installed IMAP-UW and
Squirrelmail a while back. Everything works perfect except for one thing:

When I'm logged into Squirrelmail and a new mail arrives. Squirrelmail
shows it and I can do what I want with it. However, when I try to download
it later with my POP3 account it's not there... but it's in Squirrelmail!
My guess is that IMAP steals it from my POP3 server. The first server to
open an email gets it. Is this correct?

How can I use both Squirrelmail with IMAP (which it requires) and a POP3
server together and can this be fixed with my configuration?


Andreas Widerøe Andersen <awand at>
Pragma AS

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